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What do you need for forex trading? We have trading tips for you!

The main tools for successful forex trading and repeatedly mentioned in connection with trading tips are so-called trading tools. These can be divided into three main categories. These categories are news,analysis and signals. Almost all brokers offer an educational programme and only a few experts offer trading training for beginners or even for experienced traders. TradersClub24 has been acting as a trading coach since 2009 and transfers its knowledge and experience in a practical way in itslive trading rooms, which are open every trading day.

Foreign exchange trading starts with the basic knowledge and basic understanding of how this market works, the next step is the forex trading tools provided to the trader. The market analysis can be carried out in the form of a fundamental analysis and as a technical analysis.

Fundamental analysis is provided by online resources that specialise in forex trading. Analyses, reviews and numerous opinions and expert opinions are offered free of charge to the trader through countless websites. Detailed trading tips can be obtained from TradersClub24.

CFD Trading

Choose brokers with low spread

What does the term “spread” mean? A spread is, simply put, the amount of the fee that the broker charges for trading. When trading, you will always see two prices for each currency pair, a price to buy the currency (the bid price) and a price for sale (the bid price). The spread is the difference between these two prices. This difference is also the sum that Forex brokers earn while trading currencies.

Each market has its own rhythm and usually liquid markets have a much lower spread compared to markets where liquidity is low. Spreads and commissions can be of great importance for fixed-term and short-term traders, as day traders rely primarily on tight spreads and commission rates. The trading volume generated by a day trader can make up a large part of the commissions that are paid to the broker.

Performance indicators

There is not a single indicator that is better than others or can even guarantee profits. This is one of the most important trading tips. There is also no safe haven in forex trading, but each indicator serves a purpose and can achieve profitable results when used correctly.

It is all about interpreting the various indicators correctly and applying them in the right situations. Foreign exchange trading is, compared to other financial markets, an inconsistent marketplace and results-oriented targets will only dampen trading performance.

Trading Tips

In currency trading, investors can bet on rising and falling prices with the right strategies. Our long-term statistical surveys have shown that markets are largely in a chaotic state. From time to time, we see an equilibria, which can be used for successful outbreak trading,

The choice of the correct timeframe for foreign exchange trading is largely determined by determining the trend in direction (directed deviations) on the market. No matter which currencies are traded and which currency pairs are combined, the daily time frame is the first consideration of every trader – not only in favour of the respective trade, but to understand the dominant psychology of the market. Receive a range of trading tips from TradersClub24 for 30 days free of charge and without obligation.

If you want to get to know our exclusive trading tools and strategies better or optimise the results of your analyses, our live trading room can help you improve your approach and get back into the profitable zone. They are introduced to trading from an approach dating back 25 years and are given practical explanations on a daily basis.

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