Trading strategy with the TC24. TradeRadar-Pro for the Daily and Kijun Sen Three Line Pro strategy

Instead of long searches, simply display trading signals!

Engineering combined with trading expertise

Your advantages at a glance

Easily display signals for the Kijun Sen and the daily strategy instead of searching them elaborately in charts

With tradeRadar, maintaining numerous charts for every trading instrument is a thing of the past! From now on, everything important is available in a chart.

No complex transfer of trade levels to the order mask: Pass the trade parameters to the TradeManager with just one click and trade directly from the chart.

The default markets are not enough for you? Easily drag and drop the screening list if you want to trade more markets.

Two trading strategies for swing trading

Combines two tools to make trading even more effective and easier

Take advantage of our extensive forex trading package consisting of:


The TC24. radar and the TC24. TradeManager for both strategies

View trading signals conveniently in the TradeRadar without a long search and don’t miss a trade. The TC24. TradeManager helps you place signals with the right risk and money management.

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TC24. Kijun-Sen Strategy

The Kijun-Sen Trading Strategy is a swing strategy that is traded on the 4hour chart (H4). Combined with indicators from the individual indicator groups, you will receive a clear set of rules for your entry and exit.

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TC24. Daily Strategy

The daily strategy has been traded at TradersClub24 for over 11 years. Trading signals are generated once a day and only 5 minutes are needed for implementation. In recent years, this strategy has achieved more than 10% return per year.

Trade the daily and Kijun Sen strategy even more conveniently with our extensive trading package

The TC24. TradeRadar for the daily and Kijun Sen Three Line Pro, delivers all the latest signals for more than 30 markets at the touch of a button

TC24. TradeRadar

TC24. TradeRadar-Pro add-on for MetaTrader4

Ideal for professionals

TC24. Kijun-Sen Strategy

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The idea of trading strategy?

Dynamic continuation of the movement:

Detailed observations of the markets reveal that prices often continue their trend direction after breaking through dynamic support or resistance in the form of important moving averages. This behaviour of the markets forms the basis of the Kijun-Sen-Three Line Pro-Trading strategy.

The display in your MetaTrader4

The origin of the signal is made up of various criteria. In developing this trading strategy, we have placed great emphasis on ensuring that the handling remains simple and intuitive for you: with the new indicator, the examination of the individual criteria is no longer necessary. When all prerequisites are met, the entry signal is graphically processed and displayed directly in your MetaTrader4 chart using a special indicator. So you can focus exclusively on your trading.

TC24. Daily strategy

What is behind the trading strategy?

Counter-movement after a longer trend phase:

The markets are in constant flux. If there is a clear reversal up or down in the daily chart, more buyers or sellers usually follow. We use this momentum in the TC24 daily strategy and speculate on further rising or falling prices. The trading strategy follows the movement of the market. The trader swims in the flow of other market participants.
The display in your MetaTrader4
Our templates allow our traders to quickly recognise valid signals. Put the glasses on your chart and see the reversal of the price directly in the chart. The indicator shows both the signal and important prices for entry and exit.

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TC24. Try trading strategies free of charge and without obligation

You can look over our shoulder and get to know our innovative trading strategy as part of a 30-day guest access. Or just test the TC24. TradeRadar-Pro and practice on a demo account.

TradeRadar-Pro owners benefit from our TC24. WhatsApp Group

Use our service to make your trading routine even more efficient: Through the news service, you already know with a few hours in advance what signals you can expect at the end of the day.

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