Trading strategy with the TC24-TradeManager

Act risk-conscious like a professional

Engineering combined with trading expertise

Clear money management through risk-assessed targets

Easy trade placement through trade levels and visual trade previews

Automatic position size determination

Possible applications for many TC24. Trading strategies

Best trading strategy with the TC24-TradeManager

When trading, it is important that you are always able to implement your decision regarding a trading direction quickly and precisely, in the form of a trading position in the trading software.
That’s what we have the TC24-TradeManager for. The novel concept of the TC24-TradeManagers for MetaTrader4 offers you plenty of opportunities to enter into a trading position, no matter what trading strategy you want to implement. In addition, it presents you with all the important information for clear risk and money management directly in your field of view – the chart.

We have a lot of value in the development on an intuitive operation. It’s best to see for yourself!


Upgrade your trading with intuitive handling

Normally, you can place trading positions in metatrader via the order window. However, entering the important stop loss and take-profit levels is time-consuming and particularly error-prone.
Numerous Excel tables need to be maintained and you must constantly make sure that all the necessary calculation prices are up to date. Pending orders also increase the time required by filling in additional fields. As soon as you bring risk and money management into play, it becomes all the more complicated.

With our trading strategy and the TC24-TradeManager it is a thing of the past for maintaining complicated Excel spreadsheets and transfer errors!

Everything in one place - always in your sights

Ideal for professionals

TC24-TradeManager with MasterTemplate X

Determine automatic position sizes

Try the TC24-TradeManager and you will appreciate it quickly. The complex position size determination With the help of Excel or the calculator is now a thing of the past!

With TradeManager, you can automatically calculate the item size based on the default risk, the distance to the stop loss, and your account size in seconds.

In addition, it presents you all important information for risk and money management directly in your field of view – the chart. It shows both the distances to the Take Profit, the Stop Loss, and the monetary amounts that would arise when these targets were reached.

TC24 TradeManager

Try trading strategy in practice

Would you like to implement a trading strategy? Then test the TC24. TradeManager and get to know our innovative trading approach. Sign up for our guest access and receive the TC24. TradeManager including access to the live trading room for free for 30 days. Our trading coaches will be happy to help you with the installation and will be happy to clarify all your questions in advance!

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