Trading strategy with TC24. SwissBox

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Trading strategy with TC24. SwissBox

Over the last few years we have been using our trading strategy with TC24. SwissBox is constantly optimized through our own experience and the feedback of our club members. We have placed particular emphasis on ease of use in practice.

Place your breakout beaches easily and directly in the chart by selecting the preview lines of the TC24. SwissBox. Once you have a trading session with the TC24. SwissBox, our software takes most of the work from you. In doing so, follow-up items are calculated according to your settings and opened for you. Thus, you can draw your attention to the essentials such as the market movement in order to generate more profits from the market.

The best: The TC24. SwissBox can be flexibly adapted to a different trading strategy thanks to numerous adjustment options.

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The TC24. SwissBox is a trading tool that supports you in the implementation of a successful breakout strategy. The basic prerequisite for the use of the SwissBox is a sustainably functioning outbreak strategy, which is underpinned by a certain market pattern.
For example, when the spot markets open at 9:00 a.m. and the stock market moves through liquidity. You can use these movements for volatility trading with the SwissBox.

Our success story started with the DAX opening trade. We make this trade together with our club members and guests every day since May 2016.
In addition to our opening trades, the TC24. SwissBox with other outbreak strategies. Over the last few years we have traded over 10,000 boxes. In the meantime, we record over 800 successful DAX opening trades with a hit rate of 99% with the SwissBox strategy, which you can understandtransparently. Check out our opening trades in the video diary, which we publish daily on our YouTube channel.

Try TC24 Trading Strategies in Practice

If you not only want to see recordings, but want to watch us live over the digital shoulder during trading, then we invite you to do so without obligation. Try our trading strategy with the TC24. SwissBox in practice! Trade with us without obligation and without risk, by opening trades on a demo account.

Sign up for free guest access and see how managing director and full-time trader Carlos Martins trades the DAX live on his real money account every day.

Simply use our free 30-day guest access.

Most trading strategies are based on predicting future price developments. Such strategies follow the trend or are based on the assumption that the trend will eventually end and make a correction (mean reversion). Depending on the forecast of a trading strategy, a buy or sell order is opened. There is speculation that the price will rise or fall in the coming minutes, hours or days.

But what if the forecast cannot be clearly developed and the direction of further price development is difficult to predict? It is well known that the price will not remain at a level for long and will sooner or later move in one direction. Volatility strategies are suitable for precisely these cases. Unlike the usual trend-following or mean-reversion strategies, the direction in which the price moves is not decisive in volatility strategies.

Volatility trading is particularly suitable for markets that are characterized by large fluctuations. A volatility strategy can be implemented with various financial products. Options and warrants can be used or, as in our club, by directly trading an index or currency.

Trading Strategie mit der TC24.SwissBox

Our trading strategy with the TC24. SwissBox is based on the assumption that the price will leave a predetermined price range sooner or later. As soon as the price leaves the specified range, we trade the movement of the price from this range. It does not matter whether the price breaks out up or down.
In conventional breakout trading, one usually trades the first breakout, e.g. the movement upwards from a range. For the more complex approaches, the second downward movement can also be traded if the first breakout has not reached the predetermined profit target.

We have optimized this approach and expanded it with a special position and money management concept. This allows us to open more positions and achieve a profit, even if the breakout is only large enough at the 8th, 9th or even 10th attempt. This innovative approach allows us to minimize the likelihood of a false outbreak, thereby improving the performance of our special volatility strategy.

Even more professional breakout trading   with the TC24. SwissBox

Simplified order management for intuitive trading

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In addition to the above-mentioned open-range breakout strategy, tradersClub24 also trades the following breakout strategies:

We provide templates for metaTrader for all trading strategies, so that traders can see chart areas from which an outbreak is likely to occur. This is the perfect prerequisite for the use of the TC24. SwissBox. The statistical advantage of the strategy lies in the high probability of outbreaks.

You want to see the benefits of our trading strategy with the TC24. SwissBox and get to know the innovative trading approach?

Or do you have an already successful outbreak strategy and want to improve it?

Then please register for our guest access and receive the TC24. SwissBox with access to the live trading room for 30 days free of charge. Our trading coaches will be happy to help you with the installation and will be happy to clarify all your questions in advance!

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