Trading strategy with TC24. Bluebox

Keep track of the situation with ideal entry and exit points

Engineering combined with trading expertise

Increase your hit rate through innovative market analysis

Save time with a convenient signal display

Easy order placement with the Swissbox directly from the chart

Automatic signal generation combined with intuitive handling

Forex Trading Strategies with TC24. Bluebox

The TC24. BlueBox is part of the repertoire of volatility trading and is an outstanding trading strategy with the help of TC24. SwissBox.

Our long-term statistical surveys have shown that markets are largely in a chaotic state. From time to time, however, balances arise that can be used for successful breakout trading. The TC24. BlueBox shows you this market status in the chart.

The BlueBox is a range that is algorithmically determined from a price behavior. A special equilibrium is determined in the course with the help of a complex mathematical method. Our innovative approach increases the hit rate in trading and enriches every manually traded trading portfolio.

TC24. Bluebox
Trading Strategie mit BlueBox Video

Upgrade your Forex Tradings with intuitive handling

Our goal is not only to constantly improve our trading strategies, but also to make handling as easy as possible in practice. Therefore, our approach to strategy development is: “The logic of a strategy can be complex and complex to gain a statistical advantage in the market. However, the practical handling must be intuitive and simple.” The TC24. BlueBox Indicator constantly and automatically analyzes the market and provides you with the price ranges graphically prepared directly in your Metatrader4 chart. If there is a balance in the market that meets the criteria of the trading strategy, this area is highlighted in orange. If the area is confirmed, the color changes to blue. All calculations are done automatically, so you can focus exclusively on your trading strategy and performance.

TC24. TradeRadar BlueBox for MetaTrader4

Keep an eye on all markets with the BlueBox add-on and take advantage of the best trading opportunities

Operate breakout trading easily and accurately with the TC24. Bluebox

With the TC24. BlueBox allows you to trade the DAX and various currency pairs during prime trading hours. Especially when it comes to volatility trading, it is important to act immediately in the event of a rapid outburst. For this we provide you with the add-on TC24. TradeRadar BlueBox. This trading tool constantly scans the markets for you and shows you all potential possibilities graphically prepared.

The innovative trading pair – All automatic signals at a glance

Take advantage of the interaction between the TC24. BlueBox indicator and the TC24. SwissBox and start trading with just two mouse clicks. The TC24. SwissBox takes most of the work from you: For example, placing the order and closing a position when a profit target is reached is carried out by the trading tool. However, you remain the captain and have complete control over your trading through various setting options.

Trading Strategie BlueBox-Radar
TC24. Bluebox

TC24. Try trading strategies in practice

The TC24. BlueBox is a volatility strategy that is traded on a daily basis in our live trading room. You can look over our shoulder and get to know our innovative trading strategies as part of a 30-day guest access. Or simply and without obligation test our TC24. BlueBox and the TC24. SwissBox on a demo account.

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