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Detecting Trading Signals

Foreign exchange trading puts out a deliberate approach with a sufficient degree of prior knowledge. You should never start trading without sufficient training. To this day, it is difficult to find anybody that explains foreign exchange trading in a comprehensible way. This is where we come in. With us, you will learn clearly and quickly to recognise trading signals and use them for your success.

Get professional advice

Clear rules and clear trading signals. We have developed trading strategies that are 100% rule-based. Our trading approaches provide clear trading signals for intraday, swing and volatility trading in the financial markets. This gives us a hit rate of around 99% in the DAX morning open trade. Suitable for seasoned traders and beginners. For more than 11 years, club members have trusted our concept of success and our strategies.

Why trading signals are so important for trading on the stock market

For you to succeed in forex trading, you need to recognise and interpret entry and exit signals in good time. If you overlook them, you will have to take losses. Before you have learned this discipline, it is not advisable to rush into Forex trading.  It is best to be introduced to the topic by our experienced trading coaches. To do this, join  TradersClub24 experts in  TC24. Live trading room who are trading on a daily basis and discussing the trading signals.

Interpreting trading signals correctly with TC24. Live trading room

As your reliable trading coach and partner from Hamburg, it is our concern to prove to newcomers and advanced users that lasting success on the stock exchange is possible. With over 1,500 club members, we discuss the setups and trading signals in the live trading room on the stock exchange. Watch us free of charge and without obligation with the 30 days guest access and see for yourself!
In our live trading rooms, you can watch our professionals trading every day from 7:25 a.m. to 15:00 p.m. when trading DAX & Forex “live”. For more than 11 years, Managing Director and full-time trader Carlos Martins has been hosting his trades live and transparently for all TC24 club members and guests. Whether you are a beginner or a long-time club member, all trading enthusiasts join our unique trading sessions every day and successfully trade the exclusive TC24 strategies together.
Take advantage of the TC24. Trading strategies and benefit from the free trading signals. Improve your trading performance and test the free 30 days guest access. Our trading coaches will be happy to help you and clear all your questions free of charge and without obligation!

Acting successfully with proven strategies

In the TradersClub24 we focus on proven concepts and trading strategies that deliver repeatable results. With the Live-Tradingraum from the TradersClub24 you will no longer miss any trading signals.
All our trading strategies can be duplicated and have clear entry and exit signals. Thus, the price trend is calculated by algorithms, giving you clear trading signals and you can react quickly to them.

In TradersClub24 you will learn how to properly apply the proven strategies of the experts and correctly assess the trading signals and breakouts in the price behavior.
Our experts teach you how to trade with DAX and Forex long-term and successfully on the stock market. You can always ask questions and adapt the tricks and tips. Do you want to achieve success with your trades, but have not yet been able to find the right strategy? We can help with proven live trading strategies! With us, you can as a trader online and in real time your trades quite simply overview and be live when trading..

If you want to hold a position in the short term, then you should also look at the current economic events. Volatility increases enormously when economic figures are higher or lower than originally expected. Sometimes there is an almost expected jolt to the upside for traders and trading. For example, when the impression of the boom is supported by current figures..

Imagine that you would get some significant economic figures in a timely manner without spending much time and would only have to click on a page! So you would be able to record the current market sentiment of stocks in real time.

Trading Signale im TradersClub24

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