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The right platform for a trading seminar

You want to trade actively on the stock exchange and earn a side income or even a living and need a trading seminar to start your stock market career? With TradersClub24, you have a partner at your side who you can rely on in both good and bad trading hours. As a beginner or advanced, you can benefit from various learning content, tested training methods and specially developed tools to develop your trading skills.

Take advantage of our concept of success and convince yourself of the possibilities that are open to you when trading with our strategies and approaches. We make no secret of sustainable trading success!

Trading Seminar

Our unique Tradersclub24 training concept

Our trading seminar makes it easier for you to get into active trading. Basically, you first have to decide in which markets you want to move. For trading, the Forex market, where currency pairs are traded and the CFD market, on which CFD, so-called “Contract for Difference” are traded.

These CFDs, in turn, can have different underlyings, such as equities, commodities, but also bonds or ETFs. CFDs are therefore a very broad instrument, while currency pairs are somewhat more manageable due to their duality. 

The right trading approach

In the consultation with our experts you will find the right trading approach for you. After the choice of markets, investment instruments and basic strategies, initial trading approaches can then be tested.

Both beginners and experienced traders benefit from our special live trading rooms. The TC24 live trading rooms support you significantly in the development of your own strategies. By testing, questioning and improving, you achieve a unique and long-term profitable approach.

trading seminar

Get to know all the important tools and instruments that are relevant for trading in a trading seminar

In addition to a strategy, a flexible trading approach and a strong partner at your side, you can also use all important information and its evaluation from the trading seminar for your successful trading.

For this purpose, our platform provides you with all necessary chart types, order types and indicators. This enables you to achieve your desired trading results both by technical analysis and by a fundamental approach. Whether you take a Fibonacci approach or use fundamentals for your trade, TC24 provides you with all the tools you need to make your trade successful.

Our experts teach the 1 x 1 of trading in our regular trading seminars. The trading seminars and the live trading room support you in improving your approach and thus in increasing your returns. Here you can perfect your knowledge of trading instruments and benefit from the extensive knowledge of our professional traders.

Try the 30 days of free guest access and look over the digital shoulder of the experienced professionals of TradersClub24!

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