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Learning trading in a practical way through a live trading room

Thanks to TradersClub24, you can learn to trade in a LIVE trading room open on a daily basis. With our specially developed trading tools, our Clubmitglieders can easily trade from home. For example, you will get to know how to trade with currency pairs live. TradersClub24 helps its club members and traders avoid stumbling blocks and apply the right trading strategies. You can minimize the risk of your trades by looking at our easy-to-understand trading strategies and implementing the trading signals. Our different trading strategies are suitable for professionals and beginners. These are 100% rules-based and are moderated by Managing Director and full-time trader Carlos Martins.

Developing strategies together – learning the be-all and end-all in trading

For beginners, learning the right trading strategies is important. TC24 gives you the most important know-how to develop your own tactics and customize already known ones so that you can use them to your advantage. As a beginner and novice, you can make money by trading and minimize your personal risk through the strategies traded in the live trading room.

Fundamentals in the stock market show

However, our trading rates are also about the exchange of experiences between trading members. Important information can also be exchanged with each other. For example, the weekly trading session with the managing director and full-time trader Carlos Martins takes place – a Q&A meeting in which Carlos answers all questions from trading guests and club members. In addition, the stock market show takes place daily at 10:30 a.m. Here Christian Schürholz presents the most important fundamentals of the day and gives a brief look back and outlook on the events that can be important for every trader.

Fundamental analysis is one way of analysing currency markets. Underlying elements that affect the entire economy are examined by this trading analysis. This method can be used to analyse the economic indicators, social factors and government policies of a business cycle in order to predict price movements and market trends.


Please note that market prices are based on speculation and experience using this analysis. Therefore, traders should have their own trading plan. This is especially true if this information is used as a kind of strategy for market entry and exit in Forex trading.
Every fundamental part of the economy is included in the fundamental analysis. A proper fundamental analysis includes a number of factors: such as the exchange bank’s rates, inflation, economic growth, and unemployment. The purpose of fundamental analysis is to analyse the political and social forces and, from them, supply and demand, from which the price is ultimately determined.

Learn trading – at TC24 trading tools are presented and technical terms explained

One of the main advantages of trading is the ability to leverage to open up a larger position than would be possible in the traditional market. This is the first thing you learn and experience as a beginner in trading. Most Forex brokers that trade currencies offer leverage effects ranging from 30:1 to 400:1. The amount of leverage available is determined by the broker when opening the account.

At 100:1, traders are able to trade 100 euros for every euro they have deposited as investment capital. In this way, traders can generate more potential profits than would otherwise be possible. It is important to note that with high leverage can also generate high profits, but also that losses can increase. Anyone who wants to learn to trade should be aware that Forex trading or trading can generally be inherently risky if you have no experience. Therefore, they should never risk more capital than they can afford to lose.

Learn trading in TradersClub24

TradersClub24 teaches its members and participants not only how to trade, but also important terms.
“Bid” is the highest price offered by the seller at any given time for the respective currency, while “Ask” is the lowest price acceptable to the buyer. Together, the two terms/actions, prices and offers of the trades form. The difference between these two is the spread. So if you want to learn to trade, you should also know how high the spread is, because it ultimately decides whether the trader retains or liquidates a position in the market.

The TradersClub24

Acts as your personal advisor and trading coach and helps you understand basic concepts such as spread. TradersClub24 supports you on the Wg for successful trading and has been for over 11 years. With the success concept of the training course you will learn the trading, have the best service and a personal trading coach at your side. With proven and innovative trading strategies, you will understand what is important when trading.

TradersClub24 proves you how to learn trading with over 800 successful DAX opening trades!

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