Trading strategies for the DAX and Forex markets

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Trading novices often feel overwhelmed and adrift at sea. After being provided with “all the tools to get started”, they are left entirely to their own devices. We’re different. TradersClub24 starts you off with a comprehensive mentoring program that teaches you all the strategies that are required to successfully trade on the DAX and Forex markets. You will be on the inside, get to know our tools and approaches and most of all, you’ll have one of our trading coaches to guide and support you.

Trading breakouts with our proprietary SwissBox strategy

Profit from quick price movements in clusterial areas of the market and improve your success trading DAX and Forex breakouts. No matter whether markets rise or fall, place your order and hit your profit objectives. This intraday setup offers a very high success rate. It enables you to make the most of the market’s volatility. We use the SwissBox for our daily trades of the DAX at market opening (9am CEST).


TradersClub24 Ausbrüche handeln mit der TC24 SwissBox-Strategie Mock-Up
TradersClub24 TC24 BlueBox Add-on für MT4 Mock-Up

TC24.BlueBox add-on for MT4

Markets are often chaotic and rarely in equilibrium. But such a balance is automatically recognised by the TC24.BlueBox and displayed on the chart. The algorithm scans price movements for specific criteria and will suggest a setup with a fixed profit objective to you. This is where you come in, decide whether you would like to enter the trade with a simple mouse click on the MT4 platform.


Heikin Ashi Strategy for MasterTemplate III

We have created MasterTemplate III for your MetaTrader trading platform on the basis of perfectly adjusted indicators and the well-known Japanese Heikin Ashi candlesticks. With the help of clear entry and exit points, you can trade swing trades in the short and medium ranges. This strategy is easy to understand and applicable to a plethora of different markets. It is the perfect strategy for anybody looking for a rule-based strategy.


TradersClub24 Heikin-Ashi-Strategie mit dem MasterTemplate III Mock-Up
TradersClub24 Kijun-Sen-Strategie und Swing-Tagesstrategie-Pro Mock-Up

Kijun-Sen Strategy & Swing Day-Trading Strategy Professional

For all swing traders, we have developed a 4-hour strategy. In combination with indicators from the individual indicator groups, this strategy provides a clear set of rules for your entry and exit points. All that is required is impeccable money and risk management, a cool head and most of all, discipline. We use both trading strategies along with our TC24 TradeManager tool.


Have we piqued your curiosity? 

Trading strategies are ten a penny. Countless indicators, patterns and candlestick formations can provide you with useful information for your trading activities, no matter whether you are trading shares, Forex, or CFDs. Become a guest member and take a peek at our intraday and swing trading strategies that we developed on the basis of our extensive trading expertise and experience. In order to help you jump right in, we even offer you full support at any time.


Risk Warning: Trading Foreign Exchange and Contracts for Difference (CFDs) is highly speculative and may not be suitable for all investors. The leverage created by trading on margin can work against you as well as for you. Only invest with money you can afford to lose and ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. You should also precisely inform yourself about all the risks associated with trading currencies and in case of doubt, consult an independent financial consultant.