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All roads leads to Rome. Or in our case it`s fair to say that there are many ways to become a successful trader. The world of trading is a very comprehensive field with many pitfalls but also chances.

As a trading beginner you are in the very comfortable position to just start your computer and search for information or to watch countless videos for free. How great is that? Additionally you will find useful information about indicators, strategies, risk and money management in webinars, seminars and books. Use it!

On this website we want to give you a brief introduction to the trading basics of CFDs, Forex, popular indicators, chart patterns and economic key figures. There is obviously much more to show, but you have to start at one point, don`t you?

Learn all about Forex and the role it plays in worldwide trading

What is Forex?

Learn about CFDs and why negative prejudices are unfounded

What are CFDs?

How do I conduct chart analyses correctly and what do I have to consider in doing so

Chart Analysis

Different chart types and which ones fit best to my strategy

Chart types

Common order types in trading and what the special features are

Order types

The most important indicators at a glance and how you can use them to trade


When and how do I use Fibonacci, Gann & Pivot in the market and what advantages do they bring in daily trading?


Many key figures are published regularly and provide useful information on the economic status of a country

Fundamental analysis

Support is our biggest asset.

If you have any questions, you can count on our support via telephone, email, or TeamViewer.