TradersClub24 Club Membership

How long has TradersClub24 been in business?

TradersClub24 was founded in 2009 in Bern, Switzerland, by Carlos Martins. Over the last few years, the platform’s popularity has soared. In 2016, our company relocated to Hamburg, Germany. Nine full-time employees support over 1,000 club members.

Can I meet the TradersClub24 team in person?

Our team regularly attends trading and finance events all over Germany. For 2019, we have planned several one-day trading seminars in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria – our very own Trader’s Day. Furthermore, we offer training seminars in Hamburg. We are always happy to welcome our Club Members at our office for a coffee. Please make an appointment beforehand so that we can dedicate our full attention to you.

Do I have to meet certain requirements to become a Member?

Basically, the only requirement on your part is passion for trading, no matter whether you are most experienced in trading stocks, funds, CFDs, or foreign exchange (forex). There’s no need to be an expert, but it would be helpful to be familiar with certain basic concepts and ideas. We will bring you up to speed from there. Furthermore, you should be open to familiarising yourself with new ideas and be willing to learn new trading strategies. Most of all, our concept is based on a friendly team spirit and would require you to have time to join us at our Live-Trading Room between 9am and 6pm CET. We will show you the best trading strategies live.

How can I become a Club Member?

To become a Member, please complete the form at Becoming a Member on our website. You will receive a confirmation e-mail and be asked to make a one-time payment to become a permanent member. Don’t forget that your Club Membership is a lifetime membership and will not generate any extra costs or fees.

Do you offer a trial month?

Yes, we do, and we highly recommend it! We offer a free 30-Day Trial Membership that will also grant you access to our Live Trading Room. During Carlos’ s live trading sessions you can ask questions and familiarise yourself with our way of trading. Furthermore, you can reach our trading coaches from 8:25am to 6pm CET. They will walk you through TC24’s strategies on a risk-free paper trading account. For 30 days, you can join in on all or some of our trades to figure out whether our trading approaches suit you. We’ll support you personally every step of the way.

How long will my Club Membership be valid?

Your Club Membership is for life. After all, learning new trading strategies requires time and patience. We do not offer memberships of limited durations that put members under pressure.

Can I opt out of the Club Membership after joining?

Yes, you can withdraw from the membership contract within the first 14 days.

Can I use the TC24.TradingTools with any broker?

The TC24.TradingTools are only compatible with our partner brokers’ trading accounts. Our partner brokers are GBE Brokers, ThinkMarkets, and All three have been officially approved by regulatory agencies, offer their services English and several other languages, and support the electronic trading platform Metatrader.

What is Pro Training?

Pro Training is our trading training course hosted by Carlos Martins. It consists of several different modules and is designed to teach new Club Members TC24’s trading strategies, foster exchange between members and experts, and allow everyone to learn as a team. The training course places particular emphasis on the SwissBox Strategy (Open Range Breakout), the MasterTemplateIII, and the TC24.TradeManager, as well as successful risk and money management. New Club Members will automatically receive invitations to the individual training modules. Members are welcome to sign up for these training sessions as many times as they like – at no extra cost.

What happens if I cannot participate live in the Pro Training?

No worries, all Pro Training sessions are recorded and will be made available to our members online. This way, members continuously enjoy access to an up-to-date overview of all coaching sessions. We offer a daily morning briefing at 8:25am CET. You will find a recording of it online, so you can watch it whenever it suits you best. Club Members are welcome to participate in the coaching sessions as often as they like at no extra cost, so there is no pressure for you.

What is the minimum account size to trade with us?

Our members can decide for themselves how much capital they wish to trade. After all, each trader has their own goals, time constraints, and risk preferences. Some of our Club Members trade over 100,000 euros, others prefer to limit their account size to 5,000. It is entirely up to you. However, we recommend a minimum account size of 10,000.

How much time do I need to invest?

Ideally, you would join us between 8:25am and 12pm CET (the DAX opens at 9am CET) in our Live Trading Room. The NYSE opens at 3:30pm CET and can also offer fantastic opportunities for profit. Please note that the SwissBox strategy requires a minimum volatility in the DAX and forex markets.  We recommend not trading when the DAX spot market is closed, such as between 11am and 2pm CET or at 2am CET. By contrast, long-term strategies require less time and offer more flexible time management for those who are busy during the day or are trading the DAX from a different time zone.

Is the training suitable for working people?

Yes, the training enables you to arrange your time as freely as possible and is hence suitable for working people. You can practice our short, medium and long term trading in the evening hours when the Dow Jones und other US markets have opened. The Forex markets are open 24/5.

I have no equity to trade, what can I do?

There are several companies that provide you with a capitalized account. Just search for prop trading. You will participate from the trading profits accordingly, you usually do not have to pay for losses.

TC24 Strategies and Tools

I am a novice on the stock market. Can I still participate?

Familiarity with basic concepts such as “going long” or “going short” would be preferable if you want to jump right in. If you are a total newbie, don’t worry. Our trading coaches will teach you the basics to get you up to speed.

I have already read every trading book under the sun and attended plenty of seminars. Would it still be worth it to join you as a Club Member?

Our trading strategies might complement your current trading strategies perfectly. Our SwissBox Strategy (Open Range Breakout) can be a particularly valuable addition for your trading performance. Sign up for a trial membership and see for yourself.

Which markets do you trade?

In our Live Trading Room, we trade CFDs and forex (foreign exchange markets). We specifically focus on the DAX, EURUSD, EURJPY, and other major currency pairs. While we occasionally look at oil, gold, and bitcoin, our main focus is the DAX.

What are CFDs?

CFDs (contracts for difference) are derivatives that allow traders to take advantage of price movements (long or short positions), rather than directly dealing with the commodity itself. For instance, if you open a position for gold, you agree to trade the difference of the price of gold between the opening and the closing of the respective position. CFD trading offers several advantages: It is cost-effective. You can trade no matter whether markets are rising or falling. You can trade on a number of different markets 24/7.

Are all strategies included in the Club Membership?

Yes. In the Live Trading Room and during our Pro Training Sessions, we teach our members how to properly apply our proprietary TC24 trading strategies. We will also provide you with all the indicators, templates, profiles, and add-ons you need for your Metatrader, should you have opened the platform with one of our partner brokers.

Can I give you my money to trade for me?

TradersClub24 is not an asset management firm. Rather, our mission is to enable our Club Members to trade successfully themselves.

Do you sell your strategies as expert advisors (automatic trading systems)?

We do not offer fully automated trading systems. Our TC24 strategies are proprietary and rule-based trading concepts. There are clear and easily comprehensible entry and exit signals that you can easily follow. Our goal is to help you become a highly proficient trader. Many market situations still require individual analysis and decision-making on your part.

Which trading platform do you use?

We use the well-known trading platform MetaTrader. We have programmed all our indicators, templates, and add-ons for MetaTrader 4 and will soon have also made them compatible with MT5.

What kind of computer is required and how many screens are necessary to join in the trading process?

A normal computer and one screen is perfectly sufficient. Your computer should have at least 8 GB RAM and run on Windows 7 or later. If you are an Apple user, installing MetaTrader will be slightly more difficult. But no worries, you won’t need to buy a new computer. Rather, we recommend using Windows Parallels, Virtualbox, or a VPS that supports Windows. Our TC24.TradingTools software and the MetaTrader have been designed for the Windows operating system. As a result, you won’t be able to trade on your smartphone, your iPhone, or iPad.

TradersClub24 Live Trading Room and Pro Training

Why is there no sound?

Please make sure your computer’s loudspeakers are switched on. To verify if they are turned on, please click on the loudspeaker icon on your task bar. Please also make sure that you have activated the green loudspeaker symbol at the top of the Live Trading Room window. You may have to choose a different loudspeaker. Should you still have problems, please close the browser and log in again.

Which software requirements are there to participate in the Live Trading Room?

The TC24 Live Training Room is accessible through the web conferencing software Adobe Connect. This plugin is pre-installed in current browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. If not, you can easily download and start the software. Please make sure that Adobe Flash has been activated in your browser. Should the Live Trading Room not be properly displayed, please contact us or click on the Adobe support link.

What kind of perfomance can I expect from the Live Trading Room?

The goal of our Live Trading Room is to show Club Members and guests how our trading strategies are implemented in practice. You may think of it as a modern trading classroom. Many of our strategies feed on market volatility; in other words, some days offer more signals than others. We aim for a consistent daily return of 0.3%. Please see the weekly summaries on our YouTube channel for an overview of our performance:
The goal of the Live Trading Room is not necessarily to maximise return on investment, but rather to support you during your trading activities and to offer help. Eventually, you will be able to implement our strategies on your own without our help.

How do I sign up as a guest in your Live Trading Room?

Please click on the following link and fill in the form: Guest access to the Live Trading Room

What are the opening hours of the TC24 Live Trading Room?

The Live Trading Room opens at 8:25am CET (Central European Time). Until noon, Carlos will dedicate his full attention to live trading. At 12 o’ clock, we offer our participants a quick summary of the morning’s trading. Between 2pm and 5pm CET, our Live Trading Room is re-opened for trading. During this time window, there will be less commentary. Additionally, we offer events like the trading consultation hour.

Which trading strategies do you use in the Live Trading Room?

Our SwissBox Strategy is particularly popular. SwissBox is an Open Range Breakout strategy that we use for several trades per day. Our goal is 7.5 points above the entry point, thus offering a particularly high success ratio. This strategy is ideal for anybody who wants to hold their positions for only a short period of time. As an auxiliary tool, we recommend the TC24.TradeRadar BlueBox, an add-on that has been specially designed for MetaTrader to recognize automatic setups.
MasterTemplate III is a trend-following strategy on an M5 timeframe. This indicator-based system offers clear entry and exit rules. Furthermore, we trade a 4-hour strategy and a daily strategy. For more information: Here

How can I get in touch with Carlos?

The Live Trading Room offers a chat feature. You can directly type your questions into this chat. Your question will only be visible to Carlos. If Carlos thinks that your question is relevant to others, he can make it visible for everybody, thus entering it into the chat history. For you as the author, the entry will then be visible twice, marked with a “1”.