Free Online Trading Webinar Nov 24th and Dec 1st

Bespoke intraday strategies for experienced traders

Contents of the Online Workshop

TradersClub24 from Hamburg is one of the largest live trading communities in the German-speaking countries with over 1,500 active club members.
Are you satisfied with your trading?

Most traders spend a lot of time trying out indicators like MACD, RSI and Bollinger Bands. Or with their own chart analysis and reading market newsletters.
Ask yourself how satisfied you are with these trading approaches and whether it is time to finally flip the switch?
In cooperation with our partner-broker we offer you this unique opportunity! In this exclusive 2-part webinar series you will learn first-hand how the Club has been trading DAX & Forex profitably since 2011.

On Tuesday November 24th we introduce you to the TC24 SwissBox. It`s a special add-on for the Metatrader4 platform. With the SwissBox we trade quick market movements (Open Range Breakout) throughout the day with a hit rate of 99%!
A week later, on Tuesday December 1st it is all about successful swing trading with MasterTemplate X on the time frames M5, H4 and daily.

These are your advantages!
Extremely high hit rate
Trading strategies for different time units
Clear setups for all strategies and automatic signals
The quality promise: 100% top service

Online trading room for profitable traders 

Practical trades

Christian Schürholz - Chief Operating Officer of TradersClub24 - will personally accompany you at this online workshop and present you with important tips on trading.

Successful trading strategies

TradersClub24 has been successfully traded with several approaches for over 11 years. Our strategies are constantly evolving and new approaches are being added. In this webinar we present some of them to you.

Easy to use

The MasterTemplate shows important entry into the market. The TC24. TradeManager offers the most important functions via an order interface, which enable you to quickly enter and exit orders.

Would you like to finally trade profitably?

With our specially developed trading strategies, a live trading room open on a daily basis and a personal trading coach at your side, we do our best to support you in trading. We as a club have been going for over 11 years!

Take advantage of our many years of experience and secure a time advantage when learning to be a day trader. Try our free guest access and see for yourself!

Our tip: Take a look at the live trading room for two or three days and get to know our trading strategies. Our trading coaches will be happy to help you install our TC24 free of charge. TradingTools that you can test on a free demo account.

So instead of “just” watching, you can try to implement the trades with Christian 1:1.

Dates and records at a glance

These are some of the topics awaiting you:

Part 1 on Tuesday, Nov 24th: Open Range Breakout trading with TC24.SwissBox

Part2 on Tuesday, Dec 1st: Successful swing trading with MasterTemplate X

Part 1 on Tuesday, Nov 24th: Open Range Breakout trading with TC24.SwissBox

Part2 on Tuesday, Dec 1st: Successful swing trading with MasterTemplate X

Our goal is to show you how you as a daytrader with clear setups can profit from the currently very high volatility in the markets!

The TradersClub24 Club Membership

With our lifetime club membership, you will not incur any additional monthly costs. After paying a one-time club membership fee, we will train you intensively during an individual “pro-training” course.

In addition, you have unlimited access to our live trading room as well as the exclusive TradersClub24 member area. The licenses including all updates for our software »TradeManager” and »SwissBox” can also be used for life. Find out more about the details of the club membership: please call us without obligation or send us an e-mail.

Trading strategy as a guarantor of successful trading 

With a smart and innovative trading strategy, trading on the financial markets sustainably and successfully can be achieved, while reducing the risks to the capital as much as possible. We know that it is precisely when trading that participants quickly realize that, as beginners and newcomers to the field, they are quickly overwhelmed with modern online retail and have no answers to many important questions. 

In the form of a comprehensive training course, you will learn to trade in TradersClub24 from the ground up. With us you will learn to identify trends and apply the right trading strategies – we will give you in-depth expertise and all the possibilities that will make you a professional trader in the fastest way. 

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