How to correctly apply day trading strategies for successful trading

Day trading strategies ensure success in trading

Successful day trading strategies should offer you fixed rules for trading. Day trading strategies are essential if you want to capitalize on frequent, small price movements (volatility). An effective strategy consists of thorough technical analysis. For example, Here we use charts, indicators,the economic calendar and patterns for predicting future price movements. Day trading strategies, such as the breakout strategy, are based on odds of winning, which you can make in case of breakouts in the price. This guarantees you a considerable profit potential, as you can profit from both price increases and price losses.
Day trading strategies, including a special strategy for swing traders, enable successful trading on a four-hour daily basis.
If you want to trade the DAX via futures or CFDs with a day trading strategy, the so-called Open Range Breakout is a popular approach.

Day Trading Strategies
Daytrading Strategien

Daytrading strategies provide security in fast trading

Increase your trading performance with smart and innovative tools for day trading strategies. This saves maximum time and avoids errors, as the calculations are provided for you by the software and the tools.
This guarantees you a high degree of security in the execution of your trading and also gives you significantly better chances of winning. Especially in daytrading, the best strategy is to work with fixed rules and reliable data, as the markets are basically very fast and chaotic.

Daytrading strategies with professionals and smart tools

In TradersClub24 we have optimised our daytrading strategies with the TC24.SwissBox over the last years through our own experience and the feedback of our club members. We have placed particular emphasis on ease of use in practice. With the help of our innovative software you can place your breakout trades easily and directly in the chart. The TC24.SwissBox can be flexibly adapted to a different trading strategy through numerous setting options.
Members and guests of TradersClub24 can improve their day trading strategies not only with the help of the smart tools, but also live on TC24 every trading day. Follow the live trading room.

DAX opening trades

Our success story started with the DAX opening trade. We make this trade together with our club members and guests every day since May 2016. We have traded over 10,000 boxes over the last few years. In the meantime, we have recorded over 800 successful DAX opening trades with a hit rate of 99% with the SwissBox strategy, which you can follow transparently. You are welcome to look at our opening trades in the video diary, which we publish daily on our YouTube channel.

Day Trading Strategies
Daytrading Strategien
Especially for successful daytraders, time and speed is the most important factor. In addition, you need secure data and calculations so that you can make investment decisions that will enable you to achieve the hoped-for success in day trading. This logistical and mathematical masterpiece can only be achieved by professionals with the support of highly effective tools. The TradersClub24 offers you exactly that, professional tools with the TC24.SwissBox and TradeManager. This allows you to successfully use the tried and tested strategies for yourself. You will also receive a lot more information about successful daytrading in our popular training course for club members. As a member, you benefit from the optimal combination of your own knowledge with our top tools, clever strategies and the support of our experienced professionals.

Test the TC24 without obligation. Day trading Strategy

If you not only want to see recordings, but want to watch us live over the digital shoulder during trading, then we invite you to do so without obligation. Try our trading strategy with the TC24-SwissBox in practice! Trade with us without obligation and without risk, by opening trades on a demo account.

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