Taking advantage of volatility with Day Trading

Profit from small fluctuations in the markets

Trading strategy helps you with successful trading

With a smart and innovative trading strategy, sustainable success can be achieved in trading stocks, Forex, CFDs and other underlying, with the greatest possible reduction of risk in your trading account. We know that especially trading beginners are quickly overwhelmed with information, different opinions, a modern trading platform and many more to which they don’t have the answers.

In the form of a comprehensive training course and a personal trading coach at your side, you will learn how to trade step by step. We show how to apply the correct trading strategies for each market situation and after a short training you will be able to recognize profitable entry setups yourself. Supported by our additional add-ons for the Metatrader platform trading will be much more easier, faster and better. Our trading tools are easy to use and designed for experienced trader and beginner alike. So you can focus on your way becoming a profitable trader.

Volatile markets as fuel for day trading

A glance at the chart of the DAX (WKN: 846900) or many other securities shows that price fluctuations are currently increasing enormously. Those who are in a position to make use of them can still achieve investment success within the same day – instead of putting the money on a savings account with little interest, especially in the Eurozone. Day trading, meaning opening and closing positions within the same day, on the other hand, is giving you the opportunity of profiting from even small fluctuations.

With a club membership in the TradersClub24 we are at your side. Learn day trading with Carlos and the team of longtime experienced trading coaches.

Multiple opportunities with modern online trading

The first advantage of day trading is that, unlike the classic securities account, this special approach does not only move in one “price direction”. If you think of buying shares at a classical bank, these shares are poised to go up. But markets don’t just trade in one direction. Even if the long-term trend is bullish there are always trading opportunities in both ways – to trade long and short. With CFDs and Forex that’s possible. When day trading, there are many chances throughout the day. Dax, FTSE, Dow Jones, S&P 500, Gold, Oil are amongst the most popular CFD markets, similar to EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY to Forex. Keep also in mind that the cost of trading is just a fraction than dealing with securities, plain-vanilla options or knock-out products. A traditional bank is relatively expensive in comparison.

Strategies and Tools

As a club member you benefit not only from multiple training videos, a personal trading coach and the live trading room but also from the fact that you get all indicators, templates and specially programmed trading add-ons such as TC24.SwissBox or TC24.TradeManager installed on your own PC. You can then apply the strategies at your own discretion in certain markets or at times that are not traded in the TC24 live trading room.

Live Trading with TradersClub24

Even before you decide to invest in day trading, you can take a look at the live trading room and see how the various markets behave during the day. Soon you will be able to classify messages that the normal newspaper reader or television viewer does not understand in a completely different way. If the moderators say that the DAX fluctuated by more than 1 percent today, then you can almost imagine the chances of fluctuations in value.

Lifelong Support

In addition to the training videos, there is also the possibility of telephone support and direct questions from your own screen to the TradersClub24 to ask. The TeamViewer software is also an important tool between TC24 and club member.

Pro Training course

The training consists of a series of numerous videos that are available to you according to your personal schedule. Set up your own learning curve. Learn about trading strategies and tools that can increase your investment success. These videos contain valuable information and tips on how to apply TC24 strategies in practice. Note, that we prefer personal 1:1 coaching though.

Joining TradersClub24 is easy and possible via a one-time membership fee. Membership is for an unlimited period of time and you are entitled to it for life.


Risk Warning: Trading Foreign Exchange and Contracts for Difference (CFDs) is highly speculative and may not be suitable for all investors. The leverage created by trading on margin can work against you as well as for you. Only invest with money you can afford to lose and ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. You should also precisely inform yourself about all the risks associated with trading currencies and in case of doubt, consult an independent financial consultant.