Successful Day Trader Overnight: Myth or Possible?

Trading successfully on the stock exchange as a day trader

A day trader trades on an exchange. However, the purchased values are not held for a longer period of time, as in the case of long-term investment, but are usually bought and resold within the same day. Unlike long-term investment strategies, day trading does not want to benefit from long-term price developments, but from short-term price fluctuations. A purchased position can be resold after just a few minutes if the day trader sees it as a chance to make a profit.

Successful Day Trading

Contrary to some claims, successful day trading has nothing to do with luck. The experienced trading coaches of TradersClub24 work with trading strategiesthat have already generated success in day trading over many years. All trading strategies are 100% rule-based, transparent and include a 99 percent hit qote. TradersClub24 is one of the largest German-speaking communities for DAX and Forex – we share our knowledge and strategies with our members.

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As a member, you can refresh your stock market knowledge and learn the strategies of the professionals. Only those who make their decisions in the market according to clear principles can trade profitably on the stock exchange in the long term as a day trader.
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Day Trader

Why should I become a Day Trader?

A day trader does not earn fast money with little work. Only those who are willing to trade disciplined and continuously on the stock exchange will become a profitable day trader. Why should you still bother to learn day trading from the ground up?

On the one hand, it fills every day trader with pleasure when the hard work and hard-working learning pays off and a profit is made.
In addition, Day Trading can also offer you an incomparably free working design. As a trader, you work independently without being dependent on an employer. In addition, you can determine your own working time and your place of work. No matter where you are, with a computer and Internet access you can make money at any time.

Especially for ambitious and learning enthusiasts, day trading is just the thing. You make the decisions that affect your profit at the end of the day. As a member of TradersClub24, you have access to everything you need to learn how to trade successfully.

Learn live training from professional day traders!

Do you need years of stock market experience as a day trader? Not at all. Day Trading is also available for beginners. All you need is fun learning, discipline and ambition.

The TradersClub24 makes no false promises. We rely on long-term profitable strategies and basic training. This allows you to make long-term profits instead of losing your money in a short time. We want to help you to act successfully and profitably. To teach you the basics of day trading and familiarize you with our strategies, we offer a 30-day free access to the live trading room. Look over our shoulder as we trade LIVE, the DAX & Forex. Get to know our trading platform Metatrader and listen e.g. Carlos Martins via your PC speakers when he discusses the setups with you and the TC24 Club members and trades them on his real money account. If you have any questions or cannot understand a decision made by our professional traders, you have the opportunity to contact our experts directly in the chat or to exchange ideas with other members.

Day Trader

Learn Day Trading in the Live Trading Room

The view of the DAX and the Forex is confusing at first, but at the same time exciting. You will learn a lot about the importance of stock curves. In addition, you will get to know the price fluctuations of the shares, the so-called volatility. This allows you to track the opening and closing of the securities position. Learn how to work and how to use warrants as an investment tool.

Buyers and sellers have different expectations in terms of price development. The buyer of a call option note hopes that the increase in value will translate into a higher price.

The buyer of a put option expects prices to fall. As an investor, we give you decision-making assistance regarding the purchase and sale in one day. They are in the trading room with the investment professionals and track and experience how the profits are made. They quickly understand buy and sell signals and use them to maximize profits.

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