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CFD Trading: the Right Mix

SYou want to trade CFDs without taking a significant risk and earn money as quickly as possible? With TradersClub24 we have developed a three-part club concept for you, in order to support you in CFD trading in the best possible way. Accordingly, the risk for all members is minimized. You will be prepared for the topic CFD and the complexity of CFD trading will be reduced. In the so-called “Pro Training”, both beginners and advanced traders can reveal the secret of CFD trading.

The eight-part Pro Training is structured in such a way that experts present the strategies and tools to you and thus enable successful trading. With “Live Trading” you log in to the online CFD trading room and can observe the trading on an account with real money live and learn the strategies of CFD trading.

In addition, you will be introduced to CFD strategies and tools that are designed precisely to the volatility in the market. The tools withstand any storm and you will be able to use them skilfully.

CFD Trading

Become a club member and enjoy our successful concept

You must know that CFD trading alone does not make the difference. Because only with a club membership you can trade as a team and with over 1200 club members our experts can share the experience and competence of CFDs with you.

You will be informed about risks as soon as possible and you can use the tools developed by our experts to make CFD trading easier for you. Trading is more than a boring trend, it is a way of life and a real passion. With a club membership we enable you to meet other like-minded people in the CFD live trading room and to be able to exchange views and make profits on the exchange every day.

The club is generally considered to be one of the pioneers in live trading of Forex and Dax. In a webinar you can learn the trading strategies and experience what is important to be successful in CFDs. This way you always keep the market overview.

You will never be surprised by sudden price movements affecting the Dax and Forex. All economically relevant topics will be explained to you in a plausible way, especially the area of CFDs. You receive all daily trades and can get an overview at any time.

Daytrading lernen

Open and transparent in CFD trading

With a club membership you ensure not only openness but also transparency. The trading experiences of the club members are consistently positive and trading with stocks, DVDs or foreign exchange can be facilitated. Become a member and participate in the three-part success concept through the “Pro Training” (training course), the daily live trading room and the TC24 Tools.

By explaining the principle to you, the complexity is reduced and you become part of a trading community. The guest access is still free of charge for you. With the lifelong club membership, the most popular option, you can enjoy intensive training through extensive video courses.

You receive a personal Trading Coach who is always at your side to give you the best advice. You will also receive access to the daily live trading room and the TC24 tools (incl. Swiss Box and Master Template). You will learn the strategies for different time levels in CFD trading, have access to the WhatsApp group and receive regular webinars and seminars.

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