CFD Trade Learning Successfully – The alternative to stock market trading

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What makes CFD trading attractive?

Maximum leverage up to 400:1

As a Professional Trader you have the claim to trade with a bigger leverage, for all others the small leverage of 30:1 is available.

Trading in rising and falling markets

With CFD's you profit when stock prices rise or fall. Whether you trade stocks, indices, commodities or currencies.

Favorable trade through flexible position sizes

Through the leverage, trading CFD's allows you to multiply the real capital. Ideal for your risk and money management.

How you can learn CFD trading

If you want to learn CFD trading, the difference between the selling price and the purchase price of financial products is of interest to you. This is why CFD trading is also known as the difference trade. You can learn how to trade CFDs quickly and easily if you let experts introduce you to the subject. Instead of simply owning financial products, such as shares or indices, you use your financial resources with the appropriate broker on the development of the price of an underlying asset.  The difference between the selling price and the purchase price represents your profit.

CFD Trade Learning

CFD Trade Learning

CFD trading is a fast learning process when you realize that you have two alternatives in CFD trading: You can use your capital to make the price of a share – or other financial product – rise or fall. Thus you can profit regardless of the direction in which the financial markets move. You do not have to invest a lot of capital. You deposit a security deposit, the so-called margin, which is a small percentage of the underlying asset. Due to the leverage effect this has no influence on your profits. You determine the profit per point yourself by choosing the size of the position. You profit one hundred percent from the price development of the underlying product.

As a CFD trader, you are participating in a growing market, in an increasingly popular financial product. Contracts for Difference are made by many enthusiastic investors all over the world. 

The CFD trade is an attractive alternative to the usual share business, or the trade of relatively expensive warrants or knock-out certificates. Differently than here – where by the purchase of a share the participation in the enterprise is given and rights and obligations develop – it does not have to concern with the CFD trade necessarily a share as basis product.

Whoever wants to learn CFD trading can also bet on the difference in prices of commodities and indices. The participation in a company is in no case the object of the difference transaction – even if the base product is a share. When you learn CFD trading, you also know that the underlying products are not traded on any stock exchange, but directly with the trading partner. This is connected with considerable advantages for the trader.

The trader does not have to stick to any stock exchange hours. If these are closed, his basic products can still be traded. It has a positive effect that commissions and fees – if any – are significantly lower.

CFD Trade Learning

TradersClub24 Live-Tradingroom

The dream to become rich quickly and to become a trading millionaire is a dream for many. And why not? The good thing about it is also the dangerous. Because never before has it been so easy to take the first step alone – and get your feet wet right away. To make sure that doesn’t happen, we have founded the Live Trading Room.

Here all club members and guests have the opportunity to trade LIVE together with our experts – Dax & Forex – daily from 8:25 – 17:00. Ask questions, learn tricks, avoid stumbling blocks and trade as successfully as probably never before. Test us now without obligation for 30 days

Successful with TradersClub24

As a trader of CFD’s at TradersClub24 you can get more out of your investments. Your profit is the difference between the selling price and the purchase price of an underlying product (shares, commodities or indices). When trading CFD’s you are not restricted. You can trade with many different values. As a trader you profit from rising and falling prices due to the leverage effect. For trading with CFD’s no large investments are necessary. You can also reach your goal with a relatively small investment of financial resources. Since CFD’s are leveraged financial products, you must deposit a small security deposit. But as a trader you can also profit from high profits and do not need to have stock exchange hours in mind.

Finding the right strategy

Now that you have a better understanding of the product CFD, it is equally important to consider when to buy and sell CFDs. In short, it is about a trading strategy.

There are many such trading approaches and it is easy to lose track of them. For this reason TradersClub24 has developed and tested its own trading strategies with which you can start trading CFDs after a short learning phase.

Some approaches are more suitable for beginners and more flexible traders, others for professionals with little time. Nevertheless, it is the task of your personal trading coach to teach you all trading strategies. And it is exactly according to these fixed rules that Carlos Martins trades daily in the TC24 live trading room on his real money account – viewable and transparent.

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