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Successful Trading is not achieved with DVDs, books and words.

This prompted full-time trader and managing director Carlos Martins to set up TradersClub24. The idea is to this day to offer a transparent training concept in combination with a live trading room, with which both beginners and experienced traders are trained and accompanied. A proven success strategy,continuous trading on the stock exchange, great discipline and the right trading tools are the basic elements of this concept.
September, 2009



TradersClub24 was founded in Berne/Switzerland by Carlos Martins and Gerd Zimmerman


1. Live trading room

TradersClub24 is leading the way in the trading coach sector and is introducing the first German live trading room. Four more live trading rooms will follow, where beginners can also be trained. This offers even better and more hands-on coaching. At the same time, the club has its first 50 members.


Development TC24. MasterTemplate

The MasterTemplate is one of the first strategies for short-term trading developed by the TradersClub24 team. The focus of strategy development is on clear rules and good visualization of indicators.


Creation of the 3-part coaching concept

This consists of a personal professional training, a full-time live trading room and proven strategies and tools.

Learning phase ⇒ exercise phase ⇒ implementation phase


Introduction of TC24. TradeManagers

Introduction of the TradeManager with the aim of making the risk and money management concept practical in order to minimize risk and avoid errors in the placement of trades.


Upgrade TC24. MasterTemplate on version 2

After 2 years of successful live use, we are updating our MasterTemplate strategy. The upgrade increases the hit rate and ease of use.


Upgrade der TC24. MasterTemplate on version 3

The MasterTemplate series is now used by more than 5,000 Forex traders in the club and beyond. After the Release of the MasterTemplate II in 2011, the strategy family gets the next upgrade. The strategies will be revised and adapted to current market conditions.


Start of volatility trading

Once again, the club is a pioneer and revolutionizes with the TC24. SwissBox the breakout trading. Thanks to sophisticated position management, volatility can now be traded very successfully. For trading this strategy, TC24 develops its own software, which takes a very large part of the work away from the trader and thus reduces complexity.

March, 2017

Move to Hamburg

TradersClub24 moves its headquarters from Bern to Hamburg. Christian Schürholz strengthens the current management team. The workforce is enlarged to a total of 10 employees.

May, 2018

Introduction of TC24. BlueBox Strategy

Volatility trading is enhanced with a strategy. From now on, we are trading alongside the DAX opening and the big-number trades, the so-called BlueBoxes, which are based on the breakout from a market balance.

December, 2018

500th DAX Opening Trade

TradersClub24 keeps a transparent video diary and records the 500th successful DAX opening trade in a row

January, 2019

Award for “Best Trading Service” by FX Trader Magazine

May, 2019

Introduction of traderadar-Daily

Extension of our successful daily strategy with the TradeRadar-Daily for an even easier implementation of the trading signals.

September, 2019

Engineering combines with trading expertise

Trading specialist and engineer Christoph Kurze becomes an integral part of the team. Christoph takes over the technical management, is responsible for the strategies as well as the trading tools developed in-house and manages the new pro-trading room.

October, 2019

10th anniversary

The club celebrates its 10th anniversary with a special two-week webinar series and introduces the MasterTemplate-X as a special. 

December, 2019

Introduction of TC24. VolaBox Strategy

TradersClub24 releases the TC24. VolaBox strategy that trades outbreaks in the markets with a completely new approach.

May, 2020

Extension of TC24. TradeRadars

TradersClub24 adds another swing strategy to the trade radar. Club members can now easily display the signals for the Kijun-Sen and the daily strategy and no longer have to search them in the charts.

August, 2020

800th Opening Trade

TradersClub24 records the 800th successful DAX opening trade in a row – with a 99% hit with the SwissBox strategy for the DAX market opening.

October, 2020

TradersClub24 International

TradersClub24 is expanding into the English-speaking world and now offers daily coaching and a live trading room in English.

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