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Found my Trading Home!

Rated 5 out of 5
21. October 2020

Finally found my trading home! After I left my entrance fee and my trading money with several so-called trading specialists I was about to give up. But there are often the coincidences in life… I got to know the Tradingclub24 by recommendation and tested the different strategies for 3 months. Finally profitable ! Easy to learn and mega help from the coaches, a really great team. I can really recommend the club, hanseatic serious. Stop searching, here you are right!

Andreas Meinen

Competent and calm

Rated 5 out of 5
8. October 2020

The team is great! Well thought-out and long-proven trading concepts are implemented competently and unexcitedly in front of a running camera. With a lot of practice in the demo mode, the trades can be implemented well. Strict discipline keeps greed (to a large extent) at bay, so that modestly set daily goals are always achieved.

Jürgen Mojahn

My first year at Traderclub24

Rated 5 out of 5
25. September 2020

About my person and history I am 57 years old. 13 years ago I was unintentionally sent into retirement (EU pension). At the end of the first year I got bored and I started looking for a meaningful part-time job that I could do from home. I tested myself with many things with moderate to no success. On my search I met Tradersclub24 for the first time in 2013 and was thrilled. In the trial month I found the first strategy that suited me and seemed successful.
When the day of decision came, I had to pass. I lacked the financial means to join the club. In the “back room” I thought ‘again only for people with a lot of money’. So I kept on searching and learned a lot about trading. That wasn’t necessarily a mistake, because I learned what helps me even more today. The thought of Tradersclub24 never left me. Trading books and webinars now filled my ample free time. I spent hours trying to find the “holy grail” for myself – without success. I tried one strategy after the other, which were always successful in the beginning.
However, the speaker of each webinar always concealed decisive criteria, so that there were only losses. During this time I was also allowed to test some brokers. I also noticed that there were not only good brokers. But I never gave up and developed my own little “breakout strategy”, with which I did not drive my account to the wall. Then came the early summer of 2019 and by chance I got an invitation link to a webinar from Tradersclub24. I just had to be there!
The webinar started and after the first strategy I was so fascinated that I did everything I could to somehow enter the Tradersclub24. Now I will say in advance that everyone will laugh at me when I tell them how much “capital” I actually invested. The first days in the live trading room I spent on the demo account and everything worked out wonderfully. I felt well taken care of in the room every morning and I am still there every day. Then I did the training and it’s only good that you can attend this training again and again as a club member. Of course I was there almost always. Meanwhile I traded on the live account, where the days of losing came, but only because I didn’t always trade according to the rules. Also my account was simply too small for some trades. I was buckled and from that day on I followed Carlos on every trade. Of course I continued to make many mistakes. But I did not bury my head in the sand. I continued. During the first year I learned not only to trade by strategy, but also discipline. In my professional life so far, structured working was unfortunately not an option. As an office manager in an architecture firm I had to dance constantly at several weddings. Concentrated work without disturbance was almost never possible there. Thanks to the club, I have brought a real structure back into my everyday life and also into my leisure time in this first year. I still owe the club a lot and do not regret a single day since I joined Tradersclub24.

Elke Faltin

Best Traderclub, best Service

Rated 5 out of 5
1. September 2020

Best Traderclub, great service and excellent trading coaches who are always there for you.

Werner Claus

TraderClub24 is the ideal introduction for starters and advanced traders

Rated 5 out of 5
1. September 2020

TraderClub24 is the ideal start for beginners and advanced, as well as old hands. Whether you have a lot of time or not, TradersClub24 has the right strategy for everyone.
I have been a member of TradersClub24 for a month now, with great enthusiasm. Excellent Coaching, Lifetrading, Pro Training and especially the trading strategies with tools developed by TradingClub24. I would like to emphasize especially the BOX-Trading, which also brings the trading beginner many profit trades. With Lifetrading 5 times a week you are not alone and you are instructed.
I think there is no comparable offer on the market, so the decision to become a member was very easy and I would recommend it to everyone.

Uwe Grimm

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